hey, & welcome to my blog if we are going to be the best of friends then you should get to know me better. I have a 3-D charecter on nicktropilis from nickelodeon.com & my charecter's name is anna30015. so you might see there once in a while. pretty soon i will have a web show with my friend, on nickelodeon.com me & my friend will have our own site & web show like iCarly except it will be called differently & we will do funnier things of all sort's of fun, we will have our own theme song & everything.... my favorite band is called Paramore my favorite song from that band is called "that's what you get".

my favorite color's are cherry red, strawberry pink, & blackberry black....
I love my pet's. i have 2 cat's,1 puppy,2 turttles, & 1 venus flytrap named{ sungreeantly} weird name right...

I love hanging out with my friend's my favorite school teacher is Mr.Roddy..

I love collecting stuffed animals- I am a vegetarian- I love animals

my favorite show is "That's so raven"- my favorite charecter from that show is the vegetarian named, { chelsea danel's} sorry if i can't spell it right&

my favorite actress is johnny depp

my favorite singer is Miranda cosgrove

& that's pretty much it so have a great time on iGurl's.synthasite.com